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From the time of umbilical cord ligation after birth to 28 days after birth, called the neonatal period. During this period, children separated from their mothers and began to live independently. The internal and external environment changed drastically, but their physiological regulation and adaptability were not mature enough, and they were prone to temperature rise and weight loss. Various diseases such as birth injury, asphyxia, hemolysis, infection, and congenital malformations Not only the morbidity is high, but also the mortality rate is high. It accounts for about two-thirds of infant mortality in developed countries, especially in the first week. Based on these characteristics, neonatal health care especially emphasizes nursing, such as insulation, feeding, sanitation, disinfection and isolation.

Perinatal period (perinatal period), also known as the perinatal period, the domestic definition refers to the gestational age of 28 weeks (weight ≥1000g) to 7 days after birth. During this period, the period from the late fetal delivery to the early neonatal period has undergone tremendous changes and is the period when life is most at risk. Clinical practice and epidemiological investigations have proved that the perinatal mortality rate (including the number of stillbirths, stillbirths and live births during this period) is relatively high, and it is an important indicator to measure the quality of obstetrics and neonatal. Emphasis on eugenics and eugenics must focus on perinatal health care.

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