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What you should pay attention to
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Different people certainly have different eating habits, but due to busy work or other reasons, many people's eating habits have some problems, these problems are always endangering human health. Especially in the breakfast part, most people choose to eat a little casually or not to eat it directly, while others follow the fashion and pursue the "environmental protection in the body". In the morning, only drink some refrigerated in advance. Vegetable juice, fruit juice, etc. in the refrigerator think that this kind of breakfast can clean up waste in the body, in fact, it is all creating hidden dangers to the stomach.

Eat a nutritious breakfast like this

If you do n’t eat breakfast in the morning, your ready-made bile will be “useless”, which will cause bile-concentrated cholesterol to crystallize out. If you do this for a long time, it will most likely induce gallstones and increase stroke and heart muscle. Risk of infarction. When choosing breakfast foods, drinks such as refrigerated vegetable juices, iced coffee, iced juice, iced milk should not be considered. If we do not pay attention to developing a good diet for ourselves, our stomach will be the direct victim of bad diet, so to protect the stomach, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Eat hot food for breakfast

    During the four seasons of the year, the temperature difference between day and night is large and the outdoor temperature is relatively low in the morning. At this time, our muscles, nerves, and blood vessels have not fully relaxed. If you eat some cold food at this time, it will affect the microcirculation to a certain extent, resulting in poor blood flow. And eating cold food for a long time will lead to poor appetite, dull skin, phlegm blockage in the throat, and resistance will decrease. The occurrence of these symptoms indicates impaired stomach gas and damages the body's immunity

2. Breakfast should be reasonable

The matching of breakfast food is very important. In addition to choosing "liquid" food such as hot porridge, hot oatmeal, hot milk, hot soy milk, sesame paste, yam porridge, jujube porridge, etc., you should also match a certain amount of "dry points" . Such as cereals, this kind of food can be quickly broken down into glucose after digestion and absorption by the human body, correcting the hypoglycemia phenomenon after overnight sleep. However, because cereals are digested relatively quickly, they will feel hungry after 2 to 3 hours, so they can be appropriately matched with some foods containing protein and fat, such as eggs, soy products, lean meat, etc.

At the same time, vegetables and fruits are also indispensable. These foods can give the body a good supplement of water-soluble vitamins and dietary fiber, while also obtaining the minerals and trace elements required by the body. But it is worth noting that it is not appropriate to eat too much greasy food for breakfast, because these foods contain too much fat, which will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines.

There are many office workers because of the need to catch the bus, so after buying breakfast, they eat while walking, even rushing all the way. Either way is extremely unhealthy. This way of eating will cause certain digestion and absorption of food in the stomach, and some unhealthy factors in the air will enter the body from the mouth, so it is best to eat at home. Go to work after breakfast.

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