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From the beginning of elementary school (6-7 years old) until the beginning of adolescence (12 years old female, 13 years old male) is called school age (equivalent to primary school age). The physical growth of children in this period is still steadily increasing, and the development of other organs except the reproductive system has reached the level of adults by the end of this period. The morphology of the brain is basically the same as that of adults. The intellectual development is more mature than before, and the ability to control, understand, analyze, and enhance comprehensive ability is an important period of long knowledge and education in cultural sciences. Education should be strengthened so that they can lay the foundation for the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, beauty, and labor in schools and families. The incidence during this period is lower than before, but we must pay attention to preventing myopia and dental caries, correcting chronic lesions, sitting upright, standing and walking posture, arrange regular life, study and exercise, ensure adequate nutrition and rest, pay attention to emotions and Behavioural changes to avoid excessive stress.

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