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Liquid-based thin-layer cytology smear (TCT)
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Liquid-based thin-layer cytology smear (TCT)
Cervical cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women. It is still the second most common malignant tumor in women worldwide, and in some developing countries, it ranks first. Cervical cancer is the easiest of all cancers. A type of prevention and treatment.Most cervical cytopathies can be detected and treated at an early stage.It usually takes 5-10 years for cervical precancerous lesions to develop into cervical cancer. Cure cervical cancer.
The TCT developed by the pathology department of our hospital is a modern new technology, which can directly find cancer cells. It is the current economic and accurate detection method. It is also the most advanced international automatic inspection technology. The smear method has great advantages, greatly improving the detection rate and reducing false negatives.
1. Who will do TCT?
1. Women who have reached the age of 18 and have had a sexual life do it once a year, and once every two years after normal for two consecutive years, even if they stop sex or stop having menstruation, they need to check
2. Multiple sexual partners or sexual partners with multiple sexual partners; patients with cervical cancer in sexual partners; premature sexual life
3. Have a history of cervical lesions, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, vaginal cancer or vulvar cancer
4. Patients with persistent infection of human papilloma (HPV), which is considered to be the most dangerous cause of cervical cancer
5. People living with HIV
6. People with other sexually transmitted diseases
7. People receiving immunosuppressive therapy
8. Sexual contact with high-risk men (who have penile cancer, prostate cancer, and ex-wife had cervical cancer)
9. Smoking, Drug Addicts
2. Check timing:
3-7 days after menstruation is clean until menstruation
3. In the TCT report, we can know the following:
Female cervical health
2. Presence of cervical squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and extent
3. Severity of cervicitis
Four. TCT is a non-traumatic, pain-free, non-bleeding safety check.
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