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Tips for pregnant women nutrition
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Why should pregnant women increase nutrition? There are two main needs: the needs of the pregnant woman and the needs of the fetus.

Pregnant women ’s body functions have changed since the beginning of pregnancy. Not only do pregnant women need more nutrition, but they also have to provide nutrients to the fetus. Therefore, the nutritional status of the mother during pregnancy is important to the fetus. In addition to the indispensable for the growth and development of the fetus, the mother must provide the placenta, the membrane and the umbilical cord.

Throughout pregnancy, nutrition is needed in order to strengthen the mother's resistance and improve her ability to defend against various diseases. In addition, in order to enhance the productivity during delivery, to prevent bleeding during delivery, to prepare for physical exertion in postpartum breastfeeding and childcare, it is necessary to accumulate nutrition during pregnancy to enhance physical strength, so pregnant women and family members should pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy.

如果胚胎时期营养不良,大脑细胞总数可减少17% ,如果断奶以后营养不良,大脑细胞总数也会减少18% ,如果出生前后都营养不良,则大脑细胞总数可减少40% ,如果营养不良持续下去,则不仅是细胞数目减少,细胞体积也缩小,每个细胞内新合成蛋白质也减少。 The fetus needs to grow from an invisible fertilized egg to a baby weighing six or seven pounds. It can be said that it is a "from nothing" process. Its physical and brain development require a lot of nutritional support, especially the brain. The requirements for nutrients are very high. Some experts have conducted comparative research on the developmental processes of the brains of malnourished children and normal children. The results show that the number of brain cells and the volume of brain cells in malnourished children are less than those in normal children. The reduction ratio is roughly that if the embryo is malnourished, the total number of brain cells can be reduced by 17% ; if weaned after weaning, the total number of brain cells will be reduced by 18 % ; If malnutrition persists, not only will the number of cells decrease, but the cell volume will decrease, as will the amount of newly synthesized protein in each cell. ,髓磷脂鞘的大部分含脂质更多,它是神经传导等智力活动的重要物质,蛋白质占脑干的3035% ,它是构成脑的主要物质,核酸内葡萄糖和叶酸等合成的,糖是脑活力的最主要能源,还有钙能够抑制脑神经持续兴奋,维生速C对大脑功能起到润滑作用,维生素B对脑的蛋白质代谢有多方面的作用,从而使婴幼儿的头脑发育良好,因此孕妇乳母和婴幼儿都必须重视营养成分的摄取。 The human brain needs a variety of nutrients. From the perspective of the brain's constituents, lipids account for 55-60% of the dry weight of the brain. Most myelin sheaths contain more lipids, which are important for intellectual activities such as nerve conduction. Substance, protein occupies 30-35% of the brain stem. It is the main substance that constitutes the brain. It is synthesized by glucose and folic acid in nucleic acids. Sugar is the most important energy source for brain vitality. Calcium can inhibit the continuous excitement of the brain nerves. Super C has a lubricating effect on brain function, and vitamin B has multiple effects on brain protein metabolism, so that the brain of infants and young children develop well. Therefore, pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants must pay attention to the intake of nutrients.

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