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What are the conditions for amniocentesis?
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Amniotic fluid puncture is a method of prenatal diagnosis, which is generally suitable for prenatal diagnosis of mid-term pregnancy. 周,因为那时的羊水量最多,太早羊水不够抽取标本困难,容易伤及胎儿,太晚,胎儿已发育成形,此时发现异常,不适于继续妊娠需终止妊娠,施行手术时,会使操作困难,也增加母体的危险性。 The best time for amniocentesis is 16-21 weeks of gestation. Because the amount of amniotic fluid is the largest at that time, it is not enough to extract the specimens too early, it is easy to hurt the fetus, it is too late, and the fetus has developed and formed. Pregnancy needs to be terminated. When surgery is performed, it will make the operation difficult and increase the risk of the mother.

In order to screen for chromosomal abnormalities, genetic diseases, and congenital abnormalities during amniocentesis to reduce the birth of congenital stupid children. 岁以上的高危孕妇建议做羊水穿刺,年龄在35以下但唐氏筛查发现高危因素者,为排除染色体异常,也应做羊水穿刺,另外接触过有害物质,有风疹病毒等感染时,胎儿可能受到不良影响,因此也必须做羊水穿刺检查。 In general, high-risk pregnant women over 35 years of age are recommended for amniocentesis, and those under 35 who have high risk factors for Down's screening should also perform amniocentesis in order to rule out chromosomal abnormalities. They have also been exposed to harmful substances and have rubella virus At the time of infection, the fetus may be adversely affected, so an amniotic fluid puncture test must also be performed.

超严密监测下进行的,不必担心穿刺针损伤胎儿,同时穿刺针细长,针眼小,不会引起孕妇疼痛的感觉,如果准备行羊水穿刺检查,术前3天不能同房,术前10分钟排空膀胱,术前3-7天若出现感冒发热,皮肤感染等应暂缓手术,检查结束后24小时内不要沐浴,应多注意休息,避免剧烈运动,术后3天有腹痛,腹胀以及阴道流血,流液,发热等症状,及时就诊。 The amniotic fluid puncture is performed under the close monitoring of the B ultrasound. There is no need to worry about the puncture needle damaging the fetus. At the same time, the puncture needle is slender and the needle eye is small, which will not cause the pregnant woman to feel pain. The bladder is emptied 10 minutes before the operation. If a fever or skin infection occurs 3-7 days before the operation, the operation should be postponed. Do not bathe within 24 hours after the examination. Pay attention to rest and avoid strenuous exercise. Abdominal pain, abdominal distension and vaginal bleeding, fluid, fever and other symptoms, see a doctor in time.       
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