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Introduction to High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Treatment
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  HIFU 治疗原理: First, the principle of HIFU treatment:

     Utilizing the characteristics of ultrasound penetrability and focusability in biological tissues, focusing lower-intensity ultrasound in vitro into a target area in vivo, forming a focal area where high-intensity ultrasound converges, and high-intensity ultrasound-produced organism The scientific effect (thermal effect, mechanical effect, cavitation effect) caused coagulative necrosis of the tissue cells in the focal zone, but there was no significant damage to the tissues outside the focus.

HIFU 治疗 HIFU treatment of uterine fibroids

HIFU 治疗的非适应症 ( 技术上的非适应症 ) 1. Non-indications for HIFU treatment ( technical non-indications ) :     

  治疗焦距不够者,由于瘤体位置的关系,治疗的焦点达不到或者超过瘤体者; (1) If the focal length of the treatment is insufficient, the focus of the treatment cannot reach or exceed the tumor due to the location of the tumor;

  声通道不够者,声通道被遮挡 1/3 或者以上者不能治疗。 (2) Insufficient acoustic channels, those whose acoustic channels are blocked by 1/3 or more cannot be treated. The pubic symphysis or the intestine are the main obstructions to the sound channel; usually cervical fibroids are more common.

、临床非适应症: 2. Clinical non-indications:

1 )急性盆腔炎,慢性盆腔炎急性、亚急性发作(有症状体征,疼痛,压痛,妇科检查时压痛、宫颈举痛明显;盆腔积液非排卵期大于 ( 1 ) Acute pelvic inflammatory disease, acute and subacute exacerbation of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease (symptoms and signs, pain, tenderness, tenderness during cervical examination and cervical lifting pain are obvious; 1cm );

2 )合并宫颈的非良性病变; ( 2 ) Non-benign lesions of the cervix;

3 )肌瘤肉瘤变; ( 3 ) fibroid sarcoma;

4 )声通道上有异物置入; ( 4 ) Foreign objects are placed on the sound channel;

5 )不能耐受治疗体位者。 ( 5 ) Those who cannot tolerate the treatment position.

、治疗前准备 3. Preparation before treatment

1 )常规检查:肝肾功、血常规、大便常规、小便常规、心电图、胸片; ( 1 ) Routine examination: liver and kidney function, blood routine, stool routine, urine routine, electrocardiogram, chest radiograph;

2 )妇科检查:宫位、子宫活动度、宫颈有无举痛及白带常规等。 ( 2 ) Gynecological examination: uterine position, uterine activity, cervical pain, leucorrhea, etc.

3 )影像学检查:彩超或者 MRI ( 3 ) Imaging examination: color ultrasound or MRI .

4 )肠道准备:治疗前 3 天开始进无渣饮食,治疗 前一天导泻、清洁灌肠。 ( 4 ) Intestinal preparation: Start a slag-free diet 3 days before treatment , and reduce diarrhea and clean enema one day before treatment .

HIFU 治疗术后处理 4. Postoperative management of HIFU treatment

1 )治疗后观察生命体症 2 小时;术后第二天可恢复正常生活,一周内需要避免重体力活动; ( 1 ) Observe vital signs for 2 hours after treatment ; normal life can be resumed the next day after surgery, and heavy physical activity needs to be avoided within one week;

2 )冰生理盐水 500ml 膀胱灌注, 2 小时后拔出尿管。 ( 2 ) 500ml bladder perfusion with ice-cold saline , and the urinary tube was pulled out after 2 hours.

3 )饮食:治疗后 2 小时后可进流质,之后根据患者情况,逐步恢复正常饮食; ( 3 ) Diet: fluid can be entered 2 hours after treatment , and then gradually return to normal diet according to the patient's condition;

4 )观察双下肢感觉情况;观察阴道分泌物情况; ( 4 ) Observe the feeling of both lower extremities; observe the situation of vaginal discharge;

5 )生殖避孕方案:一月后可同房,一年内工具避孕; ( 5 ) Reproductive contraceptive program: one month after intercourse, contraceptive use within one year;

HIFU 治疗子宫肌瘤的优点 5. Advantages of HIFU in treating uterine fibroids

1 )不开刀、不流血、不输血,病人痛苦小。 ( 1 ) No pain, no bleeding, no blood transfusion.

2 )无需用药,术后恢复快,术后当天就可以下床活动,部分病人可以门诊治疗。 ( 2 ) No medication is needed, and the postoperative recovery is fast. You can get out of bed on the same day after the operation, and some patients can be treated out-patient.

3 )无需麻醉,在镇痛、镇静条件下即可手术。 ( 3 ) Without anesthesia, surgery can be performed under analgesic and sedative conditions.

4 )治疗效果确切,治疗后肌瘤出现明显的凝固性坏死,从而症状减轻,肌瘤缩小甚至消失。 ( 4 ) The treatment effect is definite. After the treatment, fibroids show obvious coagulative necrosis, which reduces the symptoms, and the fibroids shrink or even disappear.

5 )手术并非症少而轻微。 ( 5 ) Surgery is not rare but mild.

Treatment-make the patient less harmed!

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