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HBV mothers can also breastfeed
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肝病 毒携带率为 8.16% Data show that the hepatitis B virus carrier rate among women of childbearing age in China is 8.16% . 肝病 毒携带者当中, 30% 50% 缘于母婴传播,母乳喂养是乙肝母婴传播的途径之一。 Among HBV carriers, 30% to 50% are due to mother-to-child transmission. Breastfeeding is one of the ways for hepatitis-B mother-to-child transmission. 分娩 的新生儿出生后接受乙肝免疫球蛋白和乙肝疫苗联合免疫,母乳喂养是安全的。 More and more studies believe that newborn babies born to mothers with hepatitis B receive combined hepatitis B immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine after birth, and breastfeeding is safe.

感染 需要的病毒水平是通过血液传播的 50 倍,母乳本身还具有抗病毒活性。 Studies have shown that the virus content in milk is much lower than the virus content in the blood, and the virus level required for infection through breastfeeding is 50 times that transmitted through the blood , and breast milk itself has antiviral activity. 肝病 毒携带妈妈 分娩 的宝宝出生后 12 个小时内免费接种乙肝免疫球蛋白和乙肝疫苗,乙肝免疫球蛋白进入血液可以立即中和进入机体的乙肝表面抗原,使肝细胞不被乙 肝病 毒所 感染 At present, China has included hepatitis B immunoglobulins in the management of immunization programs. The babies born to mothers with hepatitis B virus were vaccinated free of hepatitis B immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine within 12 hours after birth . The body's hepatitis B surface antigen prevents liver cells from being infected by the hepatitis B virus . Therefore, children born with hepatitis B immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine combined immunization after birth do not increase the mother-to-child transmission rate of hepatitis B, and breastfeeding is safe.

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