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Affected by traditional confinement, modern people still retain some old habits during the postpartum recovery period. In fact, not all traditional care is scientific. For example, one must wear a hat in confinement. Then there are other misunderstanding ?

月子里就要躺在床上不能活动么? 1. Is it impossible to move in bed while confinement?

no. It is necessary to take a full rest when confinement, but the mother cannot lie in bed all day. Proper activities can not only promote physical recovery, but also prevent intestinal obstruction and venous thrombosis of the lower limbs.

产褥期能洗澡吗? 2. Can I take a bath during puerperium?

The older generation always thought that confinement could not take a bath or wash their hair because of poor living conditions before, and they were afraid of getting cold, but how could they not take a bath during the puerperium when they sweated? Not only affects the mood of the mother, but also easily accumulates a large number of germs in the hair, skin, and mucous membranes, causing rashes or infections, and heat stroke in summer. In fact, you can wipe the bath within one week after giving birth, and you can wash your hair and bath after one week (should take a shower or take a bath). 45 Left and right, keep warm and avoid cold.

产后怎样做到均衡营养与合理饮食? 3. How to achieve balanced nutrition and reasonable diet after delivery?

Principles of maternal diet: do not eat spicy, nutrient-rich, mix with dry and thin vegetarian food, match coarse grains and fine grains, match plant protein and animal protein. 小时内可进食半流质饮食或软食,产后第二天可恢复普食,可进食鱼肉蛋等高蛋白饮食,新鲜蔬菜水果以保持大便通畅,产后一周内禁食发奶食物,如鲫鱼、猪脚、黄豆、黄花菜等,一周后如奶水不足则可适当补充发奶食物,产后应少量多餐,每天以5-6餐为宜。 You can eat a semi-liquid diet or soft food within 24 hours after delivery. You can resume general food the next day after delivery. You can eat high-protein diets such as fish and eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits to keep your stools open, and fasting foods such as catfish, catfish, Pig feet, soybeans, daylids, etc., one week later, if there is insufficient milk, you can appropriately supplement the milk food. You should eat a small number of meals after delivery, preferably 5-6 meals per day.

产后一定要喝红糖水吗? 4. Do you have to drink brown sugar water after giving birth?

Traditional Chinese customs drink brown sugar water after giving birth. The content of glucose and iron in brown sugar water is higher than that of white sugar. Brown sugar also contains many trace elements such as carotene, riboflavin, zinc and calcium. Therefore, drinking an appropriate amount of brown sugar water after delivery is good for health. 天为宜。 However, because excessive consumption of brown sugar will increase the amount of bloody lochia and affect the recovery of the uterus, it should not be consumed for a long time, generally 10 days after birth is appropriate.

产后要穿塑身衣,身材恢复得快,是这样吗? 5. I need to wear a body shaper after giving birth.

wrong. Postpartum is best to wear loose and comfortable underwear, underwear and underwear should be wide and breathable. For mothers who give birth, the vulva usually has wounds. Too tight and air tight underwear can easily rub and stimulate the wound, which not only exacerbates the pain, but also easily causes puerperal infection. Of course, the abdomen belt can be used, which will help the abdominal wall tissues that suddenly slacken to gradually restore firmness, but pay attention to choosing a material that is more elastic and breathable, wear cotton clothes, and can be loosened when eating and sleeping. For mothers who have a caesarean section, the abdomen belt can also reduce abdominal wall tension and promote incision healing, but remember to change frequently.

坐月子不能开门窗吗? 6. Can't I open doors and windows when confinement?

No. Postpartum mothers are weak, prone to sweating, it is easy to catch a cold and not good for joints, but always keep the doors and windows closed, a large number of bacteria and viruses will grow in the air, and it will more easily cause upper respiratory infections. Ventilation. Keep skin and clothing dry during ventilation. Do not blow directly into the air outlet.

月子里不能刷牙吗? 7. Can't I brush my teeth in confinement?

wrong. During pregnancy, the gums are proliferated due to changes in hormone levels. After giving birth, the oral cavity is still fragile. If oral hygiene is not guaranteed, gingivitis and even dental caries are prone to occur. Therefore, during the confinement period, you must still brush your teeth every day, rinse your mouth before and after meals, remember not to use cold water, but to use warm water and a soft bristle brush.

分娩后什么时候可以过性生活? 8. When can I have sex after giving birth?

Since the vaginal muscles and the inner wall of the uterus have not recovered, it is not advisable to have sex. 周才能开始性生活,如果是剖宫产,要等到3个月以后才能开始性生活。 Under normal circumstances, sex can only begin 6-8 weeks after delivery. If it is a cesarean section, it can only start after 3 months. Premature sexual life is likely to cause inflammation of the reproductive system. Contraceptive measures should be taken at the beginning of sexual life regardless of menstruation, to avoid breastfeeding pregnancy.

In addition to the above-mentioned bad habits and misunderstandings, we need to correct. In the confinement, we must also pay attention to maintaining a happy mood, and do not have sex for the time being, and do not rush to lose weight, especially not dieting, diet pills, and vigorous exercise. 妇产科 ( VIP Obstetrics and Gynecology   Luo Yanmei )
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