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How to prevent diaper rash
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Diaper rash occurs in the diaper-wrapping area of the baby. The skin becomes red, rash, inflammation, and even swelling and ulceration. In severe cases, skin damage can extend to the lower abdomen and legs.

How does diaper rash develop?

The urea in the baby's urine decomposes to produce ammonia, and the stool is alkaline, which has stimulated the skin to produce inflammation for a long time. This disease is more common in infants who use rough diapers or soapy diapers, babies who change their diapers or have diarrhea, use disposable diapers with poor breathability and absorbency, and are sensitive to disposable diapers.

How to prevent diaper rash?

It is best to choose a fine and soft cotton diaper to reduce mechanical irritation and maintain good breathability; change the diaper frequently and keep it dry; wash the arms with water after each stool and dry the water; disposable diapers should be breathable Good, absorbent paper diapers, and can be close to the baby's waist and legs in order to better absorb urine and prevent urine and feces from overflowing.

If the baby's arm has abnormalities such as blisters, erosion, etc., you should go to the hospital for treatment, and take medication under the guidance of a doctor. Do not use hormone drugs indiscriminately. ( Nursing Department   (Liao Qinghui)

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