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How to get vaccinated in children
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I. Which children are on hold?

、接种部位有严重皮炎、牛皮癣、湿疹及化脓性皮肤病者。 1. Those who have severe dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, and purulent skin disease at the vaccination site.

、孩子发热、身体不舒适时不宜打预防针。 2. Vaccination is not recommended when the child has fever and is not comfortable.

、腹泻时不宜服用小儿麻痹糖丸,等病好后过两周再补服。 3. It is not advisable to take poliomyelitis pills when diarrhea, and then take it up two weeks after the illness is cured.

、最近注射过白蛋白、多价免疫球蛋白者, 6周内不宜接种麻疹疫苗。 4. Those who have been recently injected with albumin and multivalent immunoglobulin should not be vaccinated against measles within 6 weeks.

、急性疾病或慢性病急性发作应暂缓预防接种。 5. Vaccination should be postponed for acute disease or acute attack of chronic disease.

2. Which children should not be vaccinated?

、有严重肝肾心疾病者。 1. Patients with severe liver, kidney, and heart disease.

、神经系统疾病者,如癫痫、脑发育不全(特别不能注射百白破)。 2. Patients with neurological diseases, such as epilepsy and brain dysplasia (especially cannot be injected with baibaibo).

、重度营养不良、严重佝偻病、先天性免疫缺陷者。 3. Severe malnutrition, severe rickets, and congenital immunodeficiency.

、有哮喘、荨麻疹等过敏体质者。 4 , those with allergies such as asthma, urticaria.

、患有各种疫苗说明书中规定的禁忌症状者。 5. Those who have the contraindication symptoms stipulated in the various vaccine instructions.

Third, what should children pay attention to?

、要在孩子身体状况良好时进行。 1. Do it when your child is in good health.

、接种前适当进食,空腹时不宜预防接种。 2. Eating properly before vaccination, vaccination should not be performed on an empty stomach.

、接种时如实将孩子的健康状况告知医生,并配合医生做相关检查。 3. Inform the doctor of the child's health condition during the vaccination, and cooperate with the doctor to do relevant inspections.

、接种后不要匆忙离开医院,要观察15-30分钟,无不良反应后再离开。 4. Don't leave the hospital in a hurry after vaccination. Observe for 15-30 minutes. Leave after no adverse reactions.

、注意保持接种局部部位清洁,暂时不要洗澡,以防局部感染。 5. Pay attention to keep the local parts of the inoculation clean, and do not take a bath for the time being to prevent local infection.

、接种后2-3天内避免剧烈运动,适当休息,多饮开水,防止着凉。 6. Avoid strenuous exercise within 2-3 days after vaccination, take appropriate rest, drink plenty of water to prevent cold. (Nursing Department   Zhou Qixiang)

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