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Minimally invasive breast surgery
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乳腺微创手术是近年来出现的一种乳腺微创活检及治疗技术,该设备在 B 超引导下经皮小切口穿刺进入乳腺,以高速旋切刀对可疑病灶进行反复切割,完整切除较小的良性肿瘤,并同时获取足量标本活检,提高乳腺癌的早期诊断率,具有微创、准确、高效、安全、美容等特点。 1. Breast minimally invasive surgery is a breast minimally invasive biopsy and treatment technology that has emerged in recent years. The device is guided through the skin through a small incision under the guidance of B ultrasound to enter the breast. A high-speed rotary knife is used to repeatedly cut suspicious lesions and completely remove Small benign tumors, and a sufficient number of biopsies at the same time to improve the early diagnosis rate of breast cancer, has the characteristics of minimally invasive, accurate, efficient, safe, cosmetic and so on.

Advantages of minimally invasive breast surgery

3~4mm 皮切口即可完成活检切除全过程; Small incision: only 3 ~ 4mm skin incision can complete the whole process of biopsy resection;

No suture is needed, and the wound has no scars.

2cm 以下的病灶可以一次性切除,准确性高,并同时可获取足量的组织标本进行病理诊断; For lesions under 2cm , it can be removed at one time, with high accuracy, and at the same time, a sufficient number of tissue specimens can be obtained for pathological diagnosis;

Biopsy can be performed under local anesthesia, the patient has less pain and recovers quickly;

B 超和钼靶检查,利于随访。 Postoperative B -ultrasonography and molybdenum target examination are not affected , which is beneficial for follow-up.

Indications for minimally invasive breast surgery

、乳房内有不明性质结节需进行组织病理活检者 1.Patients with unknown nodules in the breast who need to undergo histopathological biopsy

、较小的良性肿瘤(如纤维腺瘤)需手术切除者 2. Small benign tumors (such as fibroadenomas) that require surgical resection

Four, especially recommended for the following groups

Patients with indications for minimally invasive breast surgery are especially suitable for the following conditions:

、未婚、未育、未哺乳女性; 1. Unmarried, unfertile and non-lactating women;

、希望乳房外观较好者; 2. Those who want better breast appearance;

、时间紧、节奏快的白领女性; 3. White-collar women with tight time and fast pace;

、早期发现病变、性质不明者; 4. Early detection of lesions and unknown nature;

、乳腺内有结节,患者思想负担较重者。 5. There are nodules in the breast, and the patient's ideological burden is heavier.

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