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Women are more harmful than men
[Release:] [2008-9-16] [Close]

The harm of tobacco has a special manifestation in women. Women's physical characteristics determine that they are more susceptible to various diseases caused by smoking than men.

As we all know, smoking is an important cause of lung cancer, but many women do n’t know that if a woman smokes as much cigarettes as a man every day, the probability of developing lung cancer is three times that of men; smoking women are almost at risk of myocardial infarction. It is twice that of men. Also, women who continue to smoke as adults are more susceptible to osteoporosis, with an average bone mass index 5% -10% lower than non-smokers.

For another example, women who smoke and take contraceptives are more likely to develop heart disease, and the risk of myocardial infarction is 200% higher than that of ordinary women. In addition, women who smoke for more than 20 years will have a 30% increased risk of breast cancer, and those who smoke more than 30 years will have an increased risk of 60%; women who smoke will have a 3.4% greater risk of cervical cancer than women who do not smoke Smoking; women also doubled their risk of developing functional ovarian cysts.

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