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Female infertility rates increase year by year and flow and anxiety affect female pregnancy
[Release:] [2009-1-6] [Close]

On January 4th, the special academic exchange meeting on "The Influence of Modern Lifestyle on Infertility" was held in Beijing. A statistic released at the conference shows that with the changes in modern women's lifestyles, factors such as excessive dieting, weight loss, tobacco and alcohol stimulation, often staying up late and excessive psychological stress have become more and more important, often causing female endocrine disorders, and Improper induced abortion after accidental pregnancy directly damages the health of the reproductive system. These are one of the important reasons for the increasing incidence of female infertility.

People flow can have three major consequences

"Abortion causes sudden interruption of normal physiological processes, which can cause great harm to women's bodies and may lead to infertility." Professor Wang Jingyun, deputy director of the Reproductive Health Professional Committee of the China Eugenics Association and Beijing Sunshine Beauty Gynecological Hospital reminded, The abortion may cause three major consequences: First, the injury, including damage to the cervix, cervix, and endometrium, may cause repeated spontaneous abortion or secondary infertility if it is not repaired in time; The vagina enters the uterine cavity. If the patient has inflammation, it can easily cause endometritis, salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. The infection may cause infertility. Third, the endocrine changes, the sudden termination of pregnancy will lead to endocrine disorders in women, and then menstruation. Symptoms such as arrhythmia, amenorrhea, and ovulation can cause infertility. What is often overlooked is that flow of people may also induce the production of anti-sperm antibodies, hinder sperm from binding to eggs, interfere with fertilized egg implantation, and cause immune infertility. For this reason, once an unplanned pregnancy occurs, you must go to a regular hospital with advanced equipment and strict disinfection. You should choose a method such as microtubule minimally invasive and visible painless flow of people to terminate the pregnancy with little or no damage. "Confinement" to prevent infection and protect your ability to re-pregnant .

Anxiety, stress and other psychological factors make infertility more difficult to treat

According to a World Health Organization survey, about 10% of women of childbearing age in our country suffer from infertility. Multiple pressures from individuals, families and society often plunge female infertility patients into psychological crisis. It is reported that the incidence of anxiety in infertile women is 67% and the incidence of depression is 24.9%. "Psychological factors not only seriously affect the physical and mental health of patients with infertility, but also affect the efficacy of infertility treatment." Professor Jiang Kun, chief physician of Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that in the treatment of infertility, the traditional biomedical model mainly Look for the cause and symptomatic treatment based on physiological functions. However, after excluding all physical disorders, many women are still unable to conceive. This is affected by psychological factors. Anxiety and stress interfere with women's normal follicular development and ovulation and pregnancy.

Therefore, infertility treatment must be carried out at the same time as psychological treatment in order to increase the conception rate. At present, the clinical efficacy of psychological support therapy, behavior therapy, and rational therapy is good.

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