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Activities column
To meet the needs of the masses, our hospital launched a postpartum yoga course
[Release: zjc] [2018-4-28] [Close]

To meet the needs of the masses, our hospital launched a postpartum yoga course
[Release: zjc] [4/28/2018] [Close]

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27日上午,在我院住院部四楼产后康复科的瑜伽室里,专业的产后瑜伽教练,正悉心指导10位新妈妈,认真地练习产后瑜伽。 On the morning of April 27th , in the yoga room of the postnatal rehabilitation department on the fourth floor of our hospital's inpatient department, a professional postpartum yoga instructor was carefully instructing 10 new mothers to seriously practice postnatal yoga. The comfortable environment, melodious music, and uniform movements have attracted many people to stop and watch. After practicing for an hour, the new mothers felt hearty and the new postpartum health care project postpartum yoga class was well received by the new mothers.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of beauty has gradually improved. Postpartum yoga is a new course launched on the basis of meeting the needs of the people. It is a kind of dual body and mind lessons tailored for postpartum mothers. It has the effects of repairing the birth canal, regulating postpartum mood, and restoring postpartum body shape. 周或剖宫产产后10周的女性,经妇女保健科的医生检查无异常,即可参加训练。 Women who are 6 weeks after giving birth or 10 weeks after cesarean section can participate in training after being checked by doctors in the women's health department for abnormalities.

Postpartum moms, do it! Grasp the best postpartum recovery period and start yoga early, keep on and you will see a healthier and more beautiful yourself! You can also be a stylish hot mom!

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