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Activities column
Our College Held a Clean Government Reminding Talk to Prevent Illegal Operations in the "Faculty of Higher Education"
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As the college entrance examination work has been carried out one after another, illegal activities such as taking advantage of the opportunity to "advance in colleges" and taking advantage of opportunities to accumulate wealth have entered the prone period.1日下午,院纪委召集家有子女参加2018年度高考的职工进行集体廉政提醒谈话。 In order to resolutely implement the requirements related to the construction of the party's work style and clean government, the hospital staff was prohibited from illegally organizing a "learning banquet." On the afternoon of August 1 , the hospital disciplinary committee convened employees with children to participate in the 2018 college entrance examination to conduct a collective clean government reminder talk.

Hu Yongzhong, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the Academy of Learning, conveyed to the participating parents the Notice of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission on the Prohibition of Party Members and Cadres' "Teacher Thanksgiving Banquet" and "Promotion Banquet" and the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission on "Leading Cadres Handling Wedding and Funeral Festivities. The spirit of the "Implementation Measures for the Report-Promise" and other documents are specially emphasized and reminded on issues related to the "Student Banquet" and "Thank Teacher Banquet". 严格遵守廉洁自律有关规定,严格执行“两报告一承诺”制度,严禁违规举办和大操大办“升学宴”、“谢师宴”。 Require every party member and employee with children to take the college entrance examination to strictly implement the regulations of the higher discipline inspection committee , strictly abide by the relevant regulations of integrity and self-discipline, strictly implement the "two reports and one promise" system, and it is strictly forbidden to organize illegally and conduct "promotion banquets", " Teacher Appreciation Banquet".

The employees who participated in the meeting solemnly promised the organization: strictly implement the "two reports and one promise" system, and never take advantage of the "learning banquet" to take advantage of the opportunity to collect money, consciously resist stereotypes and bad habits, and build a clean, upright, civilized and frugal Social ethos. 办公室 ( Office   (Yan Fangfang )

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