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Angel health, put health into action
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8 November 8 Under the leadership of Communist Party Member and Dean Fu Weimin, our hospital organized a team of experts in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, maternal and child information management, etc. to carry out "Angel Health Walk" activities in Shuixi Town, High-tech Zone, sending medical care to the grassroots.

多人参加宣讲会。 At 9 am, the expert team came to the Shuixi Township Health Center to present the health poverty alleviation policy and knowledge of hypertension prevention at the New Age Civilization Center of the hospital. More than 30 people from the administrative staff and business technology backbone of the Shuixi Township Health Center attended the seminar. . Accompanying maternity and child information experts also consulted the health care archives during pregnancy to standardize the management of health care services during pregnancy in the hospital. After the lecture was over, the experts rushed to Xiaokang Clinic in Tonglin Village of the town to learn about the construction of Xiaokang Clinic and provide free consultation services to the local people.

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Communist Party Member and Dean Fu Weimin Preaching Poverty Alleviation Policy

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Expert team free consultation for the elderly in Yiyang Home

Finally, a team of experts arrived at the Home for the Elderly in Tonglin Village of the town, to interpret the health poverty alleviation policies and chronic disease prevention knowledge for the elderly, guide the elderly in self-health management, develop healthy living habits, and provide medical examination services for the elderly. The expert team also brought the quick-frozen dumplings to the elderly of the Yiyang Family. In a cordial conversation with the elderly, they sent a bowl of hot dumplings to the elderly, and a warm warmth drifted away at the Yiyang family.

, 通过挂点帮扶乡镇卫生院,向卫生院提供技术帮扶,提高了卫生院医务人员的业务技术水平和服务能力;通过医疗专家一对一签约“晓康诊所”,扎实做好健康医疗扶贫工作;通过医务人员与贫困对象建立一对一的帮扶,提供防病治病知识和培养自我健康管理意识,帮助基层百姓缓解看病贵看病难的突出矛盾,使国家惠民政策真正惠及百姓。 Since last year, our hospital has carried out grass-roots assistance work , assisting the township health centers through points, providing technical assistance to the health centers, improving the business technical level and service capabilities of medical staff in the health centers ; one-on-one through medical experts Signed the "Xiaokang Clinic" to do a good job in poverty alleviation of health care ; establish one-on-one assistance with medical staff and poor people, provide knowledge on disease prevention and treatment, and cultivate awareness of self-health management, to help grassroots people to reduce the difficulty of seeing a doctor The prominent contradiction has made the national policy of benefiting the people truly benefit the people. (Ministry of Health   Hu Linyu

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