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Activities column
Our College Organized Study of the "Disciplinary Measures of the Communist Party of China"
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14 November 14 Huang Faru, a county-level cadre of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, went to our hospital to provide special counseling to the newly revised Regulations on Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China.

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Huang Faru comprehensively and systematically expounded the background, significance, main features, and eight highlights of the revision of the "Disciplinary Disciplinary Regulations of the Communist Party of China", which made everyone more comprehensive, in-depth, and more accurate on the new "Disciplinary Disciplinary Regulations of the Chinese Communist Party" Understanding and grasp. Huang Faru requires that all party members and cadres adhere to the bottom line and do not cross the red line. In the ideological realm, they must strengthen the four consciousnesses of party members, the masses, responsibilities, and self-discipline. "Be careful," in actual action, we must close the "three barriers" of good family control, key posts, and clean supervision, so that we can follow the party politically, do not reach out economically, solve people's worries in style, and strive for first-class work.

月的党委中心组扩大会议和10月、 11月的主题党日均专门学习新修订的《中国共产党纪律处分条例》,这次又组织全院党员和中层及以上管理人员进一步学习,旨在全院进一步贯彻落实党中央全面从严治党精神,确保新《条例》入眼、入脑、入心,增进党员干部遵规守纪的思想意识;强化党员责任意识,促进党员干部用新《条例》严格要求自己,坚持以身作则,充分发挥表率作用,坚定理想信念,切实转变作风,推动各项工作高效落实。 It is reported that in October , the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China extended the meeting and the theme party days in October and November were specifically studying the newly revised "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China." This time, it also organized party members and middle-level and above managers Further study is aimed at further implementing the spirit of the Party Central Committee's strict and strict governance of the Party Central Committee, ensuring that the new "Regulations" are eye-catching, brain-seeking, and heart-entering, and enhance the ideological awareness of party members and cadres in compliance with regulations and rules; With the new "Regulations," cadres strictly require themselves, adhere to lead by example, give full play to exemplary roles, strengthen ideals and convictions, earnestly change style, and promote efficient implementation of various tasks. (Administration Section   Hu Yongzhong)

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