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Activities column
Activities column
Our institute launched the 2018 annual party branch secretary's job review and evaluation of grassroots party building work
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21日,我院召开2018年度党支部书记抓基层党建工作述职评议会,市卫健委计生协会副主任、机关党委副书记刘冬水到会点评指导,院长符卫民主持会议,其他在家的院班子成员、在职的支部支委、普通党员代表共26人参加会议。 On January 21st , our hospital held the 2018 Annual Party Review Committee of Party Branch Secretary for Grassroots Party Construction Work. Liu Dongshui, deputy director of the Family Planning Association of the Municipal Health and Health Committee and deputy secretary of the party committee of the organ, attended the meeting and gave guidance. Dean Fu Weimin presided over the meeting. A total of 26 members of the team, working branch and branch committees, and ordinary party members attended the meeting. The party branch secretaries first reported their work verbally, then the members of the team commented one by one, and the Party Committee of the Health and Family Planning Commission commented. Finally, the participants conducted democratic evaluation based on the report of the report by the party branch secretary and the daily party building work. This is the first on-site branch secretary job evaluation conducted by our hospital. It will continue to improve the work in the future, and promote the development of party building through review and evaluation. 张锦春) (Office / Zhang Jinchun)

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