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[Heart-warming Nursing] Cut ribbon for new life, let father love relay
[Release: ywm] [2019-12-19] [Close]

年开展的一项暖心护理,自 Cutting the ribbon for a new life and letting the father love relay is a heart-warming care carried out in the delivery room of our hospital in 2019 . 21April 21 Since its inception, the project of educating the baby's birth attendants has followed voluntary participation and the principle of non-injury to the newborn. The participants have been trained, including dressing requirements, aseptic requirements in the hospital, and umbilical cord breaking under the premise of ensuring the safety of nursing. , Photographed and distributed to family members as a memorial. 多例,获得了产妇及家属的好评,宝爸们表示断脐那一刻感叹生命的珍贵,深感作为父亲的责任重大,此活动很有纪念意义。 More than 50 cases have been carried out so far, which have been well received by mothers and their families. Dads said that at the moment of breaking the umbilical cord, they sighed the preciousness of life and deeply felt the great responsibility as a father. This activity is very memorable.

Dad's participation in umbilical cord breaking can not only promote accompany childbirth, reduce maternal stress, but also enhance father's sense of family responsibility and social responsibility, which is conducive to fostering the close relationship between father and children. This is also a ribbon-cutting of life for Dad. Our hospital has normalized this project to meet and encourage Dad Bao to participate in the delivery process, cut the umbilical cord for newborns, and let father love relay.

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