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Elevator maintenance service project competitive negotiation announcement
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Xinyu Hexin Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. Announcement on Competitive Negotiation of Xinyu City Maternal and Child Health Hospital Elevator Maintenance Service Project (Project Number: XYHX2019-YJ011)

Xinyu Hexin Tendering Agency Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "purchasing agent") was entrusted by Xinyu City Maternal and Child Health Hospital (hereinafter referred to as "purchasing person") in accordance with Yuwei Letter [2019] No. 268 approved by Xinyu City Health and Health Committee , To conduct competitive negotiations on its bidding and procurement of elevator maintenance services , and qualified suppliers are welcome to come to participate in the bidding.
Project Description:
Purchase name
Brief service content  
Procurement Project Budget  
Elevator Maintenance  
See consultation document for details  
3 years  
82,800 yuan  
2. Tendering method: competitive negotiation.
Qualifications of bidders:
(1) Bidders should have the ability to independently bear civil liability: provide business documents such as business licenses of legal persons or other organizations, and identification of natural persons;
(2) Have a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system: provide the 2018 financial audit report or the credit certificate issued by the basic bank within 6 months before the bid opening ;
(3) Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law: provide tax payment in accordance with the law in any one of the six months before the bid opening (tax invoice, bank tax transfer voucher, tax certificate issued by the tax bureau, any of which can be provided) ) And social security funds (social security payment invoices, bank transfer vouchers to pay social security, normal payment of social security guarantee issued by the Social Security Bureau, any one can provide);
(4) Proof materials with the equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary to perform the contract: provide a letter of commitment;
(5) Within three years before participating in government procurement activities, there are no major illegal records in business activities : provide a letter of declaration;
(6) Other laws:
1. The person in charge of the unit is the same person or different bidders with direct holding and management relationships, and shall not participate in the procurement activities under the same contract.
2. The bidder was included in the "Credit China" website into the list of the people who performed the breach of trust and the parties involved in major tax violation cases, and was included in the "China Government Procurement Network" website in the list of records of serious violations of government procurement. , Shall not participate in government procurement activities of this project.
3. Provide identification of legal representative or power of attorney of legal representative, identity card of authorized representative;
4. The supplier has a special equipment (elevator) installation and maintenance qualification certificate issued by the provincial and above quality and technical supervision departments ( level C and above, including level C );
(VII) The project does not accept the bidding of the consortium.
4. Registration time:
Prospective suppliers obtain consultation documents:
1. From December 23 , 2019 to December 27 , 2019 , every day (except statutory holidays and rest days) 9: 00 ~ 11: 00 , 14: 30 ~ 16: 30 ( Beijing time ) to Xinyu Hexin Bidding Receiving consultation documents on behalf of the limited company .
2. When receiving the bidding documents, the supplier's qualification requirements must be provided with a set of official seals and a set of official seals for the record of the agency.
V. Deadline and time of bid opening:
1. The deadline for submission of the response document and the consultation time is 9:30 am (Beijing time ) on January 3 , 2020 .
2. The place for submitting the response document and the place for opening the bid are in Room 1101, Unit 3, Building 29 , Jingjiang Garden, Xinyu City .
6. Others:
Any changes in the above announcements will be notified separately on the relevant online media. After downloading the bidding documents, you must read this bidding document carefully and consult in detail about the related issues of the bidding, otherwise participating in the bidding is deemed to have fully understood and accepted all the requirements of the bidding documents (if there is any unknown before bidding, you should consult The buyer or the bidding agent). Potential bidders who have downloaded the bidding documents, if not participating in the bidding, please notify the agency in writing three working days before the opening of the bid.
Contact information:
Buyer Contact:
Buyer Name: Xinyu Maternal and Child Health Hospital
Purchaser's Address: No. 292 South South Labor Road
Contact: Mr. Jian
Phone: 13979067218
Contact Information of Purchasing Agency:
Procurement Agency: Xinyu Hexin Tendering Agency Co., Ltd.
Contact person for purchasing agency: Ms. Wang
Address : Room 1101, Unit 3, Building 29, Jingjiang Garden
Phone: 13907904545
Supervision and management agency: Xinyu Municipal Health Committee

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