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Xinyu City Gynecology and Obstetrics Quality Control Conference Held in Our Hospital
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Recently, the Xinyu City Gynecology and Obstetrics Quality Control Conference and the 2nd Xinyu City 7th Obstetrics and Gynecology Conference was held in Xinyu City Maternal and Child Health Hospital. 月份新余市妇科与产科质控中心对全市14家县级以上二级医院督导检查发现的问题进行反馈,并举行相关业务知识的学习,邀请了湖南光琇医院超声科的张白云主任,江西省妇幼保健院产房的曾晓明主任亲临授课。 The meeting mainly focused on the feedback from the Xinyu City Gynecology and Obstetrics Quality Control Center in November on the problems found in the supervision and inspection of 14 secondary hospitals at or above the county level, and held related business knowledge learning. Director Zhang Baiyun and Director Zeng Xiaoming from the maternity ward of Jiangxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital attended the lecture in person. 人参加了此次培训。 A total of 115 obstetrics and gynecology and ultrasound doctors from medical institutions at all levels of the city participated in the training.

年全市妇产科同仁们所付出的努力和取得的成绩,也指出了我市妇产科专业方面存在的不足和今后努力的方向。 First, Shao Junhui, deputy dean of our hospital, briefed on the highlights of quality control of gynecology and obstetrics in our city at the meeting, fully affirming the efforts and achievements of colleagues in gynecology and obstetrics in the city in 2019 , and also pointed out the city's obstetrics and gynecology There are deficiencies in the specialty of science and the direction of future efforts.

Afterwards, Director Zhang Baiyun of the Department of Ultrasound of Hunan Guangxi Hospital brought us a wonderful lecture "The Application of 3D Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Gynecological Diseases". The course illustrated the text and vividly explained the clinical application value of 3D ultrasound in gynecology. It's everyone's vision. Director Zeng Xiaoming of the delivery room of Jiangxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital explained the implementation of the new labor process and taught every obstetrician and gynecologist how to deal with the labor process and how to accurately grasp the timing of the operation to ensure the maximum safety of the mother and baby.

In the end, the obstetrics and gynecology experts in our hospital and the brothers' hospital taught us "the management of postpartum hemorrhage and volume resuscitation", "expert consensus on infertility", "the treatment of cervical lesions", "early-onset ovarian function Incomplete TCM Coping Strategies "," Weight Management during Pregnancy "and other courses, all courseware topics have been carefully selected by experts and the content is wonderful. The majority of my colleagues in the obstetrics and gynecology department said that participating in this meeting was full of fruits, and they will strengthen the learning of business knowledge in the future to escort the health of mothers and infants in Xinyu City.

Contribution: Department of Obstetrics   Hu Chunfang


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