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The main business backbones have successively studied and studied in well-known hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai. The level of comprehensive treatment and scientific research for children with severe illness (PICU) is the leading in the city. It mainly treats all kinds of children with critical illness, pediatric postoperative monitoring and poisoning, drowning and other accidental injuries. It has a ventilator, a microinfusion pump, an aspirator, and a multifunctional Non-invasive ECG monitor, compression nebulizer, lung function tester and other advanced equipment. In addition to standardizing the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring diseases in pediatrics, pediatrics is particularly effective in the treatment of pediatric asthma and pediatric epilepsy.
Projects: bronchial asthma inhalation therapy, water pressure enema for children's intussusception, intracranial hemorrhage, cranial perforation and drainage, sternum perforation, and scalp needle vein blood collection. Special clinics include asthma specialists and neurologists.
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