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Activities column
Activities column
Our institute launched the 2018 annual party branch secretary's job review and evaluation of grassroots party building work [2019-1-25]
Our hospital won the first prize of the Party Discipline Competition Group of the city's health system and two personal excellence awards [2018-12-4]
Our institute organized a study on the "Disciplinary Measures of the Communist Party of China" again [2018-11-16]
Angel health action, put health and help the poor into reality [2018-11-13]
Pediatric Party Branch sends health to welfare home [2018-11-13]
Our institute convened an expanded meeting of the Central Committee of the Party Committee to study the subject discipline of party disciplines
Regulations of the Chinese Communist Party on disciplinary action [2018-10-17]
Our hospital launches warning education activities [2018-8-25]
Our college held a clean government reminder talk to prevent illegal conduct of " learning banquets" [2018-8-5]
Our hospital conducts collective talks on integrity in key positions in 2018 [2018-7-30]
Our hospital completed the centralized training for all party members [2018-7-23]
Read the Red Book, inherit the red gene, and feel the power of faith [2018-7-23]
Party members in our hospital send health and warmth to Derenyuan children [2018-7-23]
Volunteer clinics help create a "model city for Communists" [2018-7-23]
Our health and medical party branch launched a variety of "themed party day" activities [2018-7-23]
Our hospital held an enlarged meeting of the central committee of the Party Committee [2018-7-23]
Our hospital deploys comprehensive and strict governance of the party and work style construction [2018-7-23]
Party members of our hospital visited Luofang Memorial Hall, inheriting the spirit of "Red Book" [2018-7-23]
Cao Weihong, director of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, visited and sympathized with Guo Luping [2018-7-23]
2 people in our hospital won national honors [2018-7-23]

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