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Expert introduction
Last name Shi Xiaoren
job title Director of emergency department, chief physician of pediatrics
Department Emergency Department
Outpatient time
Director of Emergency Department, Chief Physician of Pediatrics, graduated from the Medical Department of Jiangxi Medical College with a bachelor's degree in medicine, and has been engaged in clinical work of pediatric supervision since graduation. Further education, accumulated more than 20 years of medical experience, and has successfully rescued critically ill patients such as very low birth weight infants, cerebral hernias, heart failure, and respiratory failure. "Clinical Ward" and made it a key construction discipline of our hospital. This project won the third prize of the Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award in 1992. It introduced suitable new technologies, such as "application of new method resuscitation technology in neonatal asphyxia" and "disposable scalp." "The application of needles in lumbar puncture" has been accepted by experts organized by the Municipal Health Bureau. Among them, "Application of the new method of resuscitation technology in neonatal asphyxia" has been listed as the 2003 scientific research project of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission. He has published more than ten professional papers in national, provincial and municipal magazines.
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