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Expert introduction
Last name Fu Jianping
job title Deputy Dean, Chief Pediatric Physician
Department Pediatric clinic
Outpatient time
Deputy Dean, Chief Pediatric Physician, Member of Jiangxi Provincial Pediatrics Association, and Director of Xinyu Medical Association. He graduated from the Department of Pediatrics of Jiangxi Medical College in 1989 and has been engaged in clinical pediatrics. In 1994, he studied for one year in the Pediatric Hospital of Shanghai Medical University. In 2000, he participated in the national pediatric first aid study at the Women and Children's Hospital of Beijing Medical University in January, and returned in 2002. The Pediatric Hospital of Shanghai Medical University has participated in the National New Progressive Class on Newborns. It has certain accomplishments in pediatric first aid, especially in neonatal first aid. It has successfully rescued 3 cases of ultra-small premature babies weighing less than 1100g, including at least 6 months of pregnancy, Weighing 1000g, it is the first in our city and it is rare in the province. Both Xinyu TV Station and Xinyu Daily have reported on this. Rescue in ultra-small premature babies is the city's leading level. Actively introduce new projects, new therapies, and new technologies. The first to introduce neonatal tracheal intubation technology in our city. Two scientific researches, such as "Clinical Research on Respiratory Therapy for Neonatal Respiratory Failure", have reached the leading level in the province. Saved the lives of many critically ill newborns. Won the third batch of training leaders for academic and technical leaders in the health system of Jiangxi Province, and won the third prize for scientific and technological progress in 2006.
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