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Expert introduction
Last name Zhang Xianqin
job title Chief Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Department Gynecology clinic
Outpatient time
Chief Physician, graduated from Shanghai First Medical College in 1978, went to Shanghai International Peace Health Care Center for clinical training in 1990, worked in Chad Foreign Aid Medical Team from 1991 to 1993, and worked in obstetrics and gynecology for 25 years. Rich clinical experience in infertility and difficult conditions, able to perform difficult operations (giant urinary fistula vaginal mucosal packing method (completed abroad), favored by foreign medical staff, difficult total hysterectomy, intra-abdominal fascia Total hysterectomy, Manchester City operation, vaginal hysterectomy, wide ligament tumor resection, extraperitoneal cesarean section, fallopian tube anastomosis, etc., of which, 2001 abdominal fascial hysterectomy has been identified by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Leading level in the province.
On the eve of returning to China in 1993, he was awarded the "Knight Medal" by the Government of Chad. In 2002, the abdominal intrafascial hysterectomy won the second prize of the Municipal Health Bureau. The "observation of the clinical effect of microwave treatment of 135 cases of chronic cervicitis" won the third prize of the Municipal Health Bureau. In 2003, the "abdominal intrafascial hysterectomy" "Technology" won the third prize of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the third prize of the "Xinggan Cup" of the CPPCC.
Published medical papers in domestic and foreign magazines: in 1997, he published a paper "Occupillary tuberculosis is valuable in prevention" in the "Chinese Journal of Women and Children's Supplement", and in 2002, he published a paper "Microwave for chronic cervicitis 135" in "Chinese Journal of Comprehensive Clinical Medicine" Observation of Clinical Effect of Cases "," Discussion of Total Intrafascial Hysterectomy "published in" Chinese Journal of Medical Science "in 2002.
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