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Expert introduction
Last name Liu Huibao
job title Director of Pediatrics, Deputy Chief Physician
Department Pediatrics
Outpatient time
Director of Pediatrics, Deputy Chief Physician, graduated from Department of Pediatrics of Jiangxi Medical College in 1997. In 1999, he studied for one year at the Children's Hospital of Jiangxi Province. In 2007, he studied in Beijing Children's Hospital Intensive Care Unit (PICU NICU) for half a year. He has participated in the “Pediatrics New Progressive Learning Class” sponsored by the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, and the “High-risk Pediatric System Management New Progressive Learning Class” sponsored by Guangzhou Women's and Children's Hospital. "Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Class". Participated in the 2008 Beijing Children's Asthma Prevention and Learning Progress and International Forum. Has long been engaged in pediatric clinical and scientific research, has a solid medical foundation, can skillfully diagnose and deal with common and frequently-occurring diseases in pediatric medicine, first aid in pediatrics and neonatal, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory, digestive and infectious diseases in children, neonatal diseases In-depth study of diagnosis and treatment. Especially good at the prevention and treatment of childhood asthma. The diagnosis index and treatment plan for children with asthma with Chinese characteristics are adopted. The main policy is to adhere to inhaled hormones supplemented with long-acting inhalation / oral β2 agonists or oral sustained-release theophylline, antiallergic drugs, and leukotriene receptor modulators. To control asthma, combined with comprehensive treatments such as immunoregulation, and to carry out education and self-management education for children with asthma and parents, as well as rehabilitation and other educational work, so that more than 95% of children achieve better results. Intensive research on pediatric respiratory diseases, especially asthma and chronic cough in children. Many papers have been published in national, provincial and municipal publications.
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